The Alchemists Threads

Hand dyed textiles using plants, foraged from nature. I work with vintage silks & linens, often discarded scraps with stories to tell. I write poetry around them as I slow stitch the fragments into new creations.

Words are magic, they spell our thoughts, our dreams, our wishes and desires, they hold beauty, they guide us, they give love. In my work I try to reveal the beauty in scraps and fragments, allowing them to take center stage and enlighten us as a candle in a window.

Slow stitching is essential to this path. It is something we can all do, for as we stitch we breathe, as we breathe we draw back time, we enter the doorway of liminal space.

The alchemy of nature, her colours juxtposed with life, our homes enriched with the elements.

: )

The threads of time.


Rust and nails in paper.

The passing Mermaid
Email ✉️ alittlebirdsaid123@gmail.com Telephone 📞 07758219006


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